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Since 2015, Operation Colorado has collected a database of commercial growers in Medical Marijuana and Industrial Hemp.  The map above provides a county by county outline of the State of Colorado and how they voted on recreational sales and cultivation.  This is also a reflection on how certain county Sheriff Offices either accept or do not accept the growing of marijuana or the transportation of marijuana through their respective county.

 Certain Counties such as Eagle, Jackson, San Miguel, Park, and Pueblo have opened their doors completely to the world of cannabis sativa, regardless of the name we try to give it.  To be a commercial grower, you must own 40 acres of land, so that you can apply to have (1) one water well drilled and dedicated to your agricultural crop or greenhouse.  Contact 420 Drilling for all of your drilling needs. Contact Operation Colorado for live Industrial Hemp Seeds that have a 10% or greater CBD yield on your next rotation.    

CBD isolate

Biomass Industrial Hemp
contact productionclips@hotmail.com  for live organic industrial hemp seeds or for assistance in planting industrial hemp in Colorado.

Farmers and Ranchers that have "CBD Biomass" for sale contact Operation Colorado for the purchase of your industrial hemp.  We will consider a $1.9 - $4.8 per @ 10% CBD spread per pound on biomass offerings depending on its age and quality.

Labs that need "CBD Biomass" contact Operation Colorado


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